YES Georgia is launched

YES Georgia

The Program – ‘’Youth Entrepreneurial Skills for Advancing Employability and Income Generation in Georgia’’ (YES – Georgia) represents a targeted public-private partnership that builds institutional frameworks and models facilitating greater economic participation of youth through increased opportunities for self-employment by starting enterprises and for employment in established companies. This is a USAID-funded joint initiative of Crystal Fund, PH International and JSC MFO Crystal.

The program targets to enhance entrepreneurship development, capacity-building of youth-led small enterprises through innovative forms of access to finance, knowledge and expertise. Yes-Georgia will increase employability of young people by offering relevant training, improved financial capabilities, new forms of practical on-the-job training opportunities and encouraging youth-friendly corporate practices. Finally, the program shall contribute to a discourse on youth economic empowerment. The project will work with an estimated 1,000 youth, ages 17-25 in 20 municipalities of Georgia.

The program seeks to broaden youth economic opportunities in Georgia, encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship, enhancing young women and men’s employability in growth areas thus providing them with greater confidence, role models and vision for their active economic participation which will in general foster economic growth in Georgia and contribute to the overall developmental goals of the country.


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Mission statement

Crystal Fund mission is to increase the financial literacy in Georgia, bolster standards in the provision of financial services, develop new technologies to enhance access to financial services and to implement social and community investment projects. Crystal Fund is actively promoting the rule of law, protection of property rights and advocates for the enabling business environment in Georgia. Crystal Fund has solid grant and project management experience combined with high standards in governance, rigorous organisational systems and procedures.