Meeting the State Minister

Meeting with State MinisterOn April 10, 2014, Crystal Fund Board met Mr. Kote Surguladze, Georgia’s State Minister on Diaspora Issues. The meeting was dedicated to the needs of Georgian Diaspora and their families in Georgia from the angles of financial literacy and access to financial services. Crystal Fund presented key findings of the market research report and highlighted newly published Financial Education Module. Parties stressed the importance of developing value-added financial services tailored to the needs of the Georgian Diaspora, such as trans-boundary loans, savings and insurance products as well as investment instruments. This will meet migrant’s needs and contribute towards better utilization of the Diaspora capital for Georgia’s economy. Crystal Fund expressed willingness to tailor the financial literacy modules to the needs of migrants making in available at the State Minister’s e-learning web-platform for Georgian Diaspora. Parties agreed to expand the working group covering the financial industry players with a view to improve access to financial services to both migrants and their families in Georgia. It was emphasized how important Georgian Diaspora is for country’s socio-economic development.


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Mission statement

Crystal Fund mission is to increase the financial literacy in Georgia, bolster standards in the provision of financial services, develop new technologies to enhance access to financial services and to implement social and community investment projects. Crystal Fund is actively promoting the rule of law, protection of property rights and advocates for the enabling business environment in Georgia. Crystal Fund has solid grant and project management experience combined with high standards in governance, rigorous organisational systems and procedures.